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Residential Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Rates

$20.00/hr – Minimum 8 hours of cleaning

$25.00/hr – Minimum 6 hours of cleaning

$27.50/hr – Minimum 4 hours of cleaning

$35.00/hr – Minimum 2 hours of cleaning

$270.00 Flat Rate – Full Home Cleaning up to 3500Sq

**Customized Plans are Availabe

Newly Built and Renovated Homes

At Kardo Cleaning, we appreciate the value of your home! Your home is not only an investment, it’s your retreat from your busy day. Our customized service will make your new home and any renovated additions look their best from the start.

Move In & Move Out

Focus on your move, not your cleaning! Allow Kardo Cleaning to take care of all your cleaning needs, allowing for a smoother, stress free move.